Saturday, September 3, 2011

Top 5: Nate's picks for fall 2011

Today's Top 5 is brought to you by my friend Nate, musician, skateboarder, world traveler, collector and hunter of awesome things. When it comes to menswear, he sure knows what's up. I always appreciate his input.
This is Nate Newton. Hi Nate.  (this photo stolen from his facebook)

1. Blundstone 500 chelsea work boots:  Classic, rugged, durable,  comfortable, understated,  and very utilitarian.  A great all around every day boot that you can work in or just wear casually.

2. Pendleton Board Shirt:   An American classic that hasn't changed in half a century.   Dress like a SoCal vato, or like a Maine hunting works either way.

3. Roy Duck Pants: Hand made in the USA by one guy...Roy.   Each pair beginning to end is made by Roy himself on vintage sewing machines to standards that no one else could possibly meet.   Each pair is a work of art that was made to be a part of your life.

4. Pointer Brand Chore Coat: Another American classic. Union made in the states and nigh indestructible. After Dickies and Carhart left town for cheaper production costs overseas, Pointer Brand carries the torch and amazingly keeps their costs low with their quality high.  

5. Vans Max Schaaf Skate Mid: Classic cool. Modern skate shoe technology complete with tough waxed cotton. If you don't skateboard then you can try to not look like a poser wearing these.....but the lack of ollie marks on your shoes will sell you out pretty quick.   Either way these are bad ass.


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